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David Billings

Australian David Billings is a retired aircraft engineer, and enjoys his retirement by flying gliders.  He has trekked into the daunting Papua New Guinea jungle a dozen times.  He hopes to finish the “last” search area by 2019. His previous work and articles can be seen at the links provided.  If you would like to contact David with questions or offers to assist, please use his Gmail email below.






Articles, interviews and links related to David Billing’s efforts:

Earhart mystery may finally be solved – 2001 USA Today

AVweb’s Friday Podcast: David Billings and the Enduring Mystery of Amelia Earhart – 2007 AVweb

Australian discovery in World War Two could SOLVE the mystery of missing pilot Amelia Earhart – 2018 Angle News

David Billings email:

Part 1 – The Beginning | Part 2 – PNG History/Topography | Part 3 – Wreckage is Found
Part 4 – Tangible Evidence | Part 5 – Analysis | Part 6 -Lae to Howland Island
Part 7 – Howland area to New Britain – To the Gilberts…
Part 8 – Howland area to New Britain – Flying Westwards for Rabaul
Part 9 – Not Seen, But Not Forgotten
Part 10 – 2017 Expedition Overview
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